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5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Chemical Peel

If you have never had a chemical peel, this post is for you. Maybe you don’t know what a chemical peel is and what the benefits are or maybe just the name sounds kind of daunting, but trust me, after this you’re going to want to call Glow Balance and get the next appointment for a chemical peel. First, what even is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel is a procedure in which a chemical solution is applied to the skin to remove the top layers. The old skin peels away to reveal rejuvenated, healthy skin. It is an affordable and effective way to make your skin look healthier, younger, and more vibrant. There are different levels of the chemical peel that covers all skin types as well as different peels to target different needs. Let’s break down some of the many benefits to a chemical peel:


Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Sun damage and aging can leave new lines and spots on your face you didn’t have before, but a chemical peel can help reduce those leaving you looking and feeling younger.

Improves Acne

There are acne specific chemical peels to help reduce scarring and clean out your pores.

Stimulates Collagen Growth

Collagen is the main protein responsible for healthy joints and skin elasticity. As you get older, it’s harder for your body to produce collagen. A chemical peel will help stimulate natural collagen growth to help your skin keep hydration and elasticity.

Evens Out Skin Texture and Tone

Since the chemical peel is removing the top layers of the skin, the new epidermal growth will have improved surface texture and appearance with evenly distributed melanin.

Treats Melasma and Hyperpigmentation

Melasma is a skin condition characterized by brown or blue-gray patches or freckle-like spots. Hyperpigmentation is a common condition where patches of skin become darker in color than the surrounding skin. Both of these are treated with chemical peels. The new layer of skin grows make more even and with consistent melanin to aid in treating these conditions.


There are so many great benefits to chemical peels! If you’re ready to get your first chemical peel, we can’t wait to hear you rave about your results! But before you get it, there are. Things you need to do to prepare your skin. Before your peel, tell your doctor of any history of scarring, consistent cold sores, or facial x-rays. If you’re on medications, run it by them as well to make sure there are no conflicting or adverse effects. Talk through the level of your peel depending on your goals and skin condition. Once you get the go ahead from the doctor, you’re ready to go! 

Be sure to follow the aftercare instructions you’ll receive and be ready for your radiant skin! If you want to learn more about the chemical peels we offer or are ready to book your chemical peel, click the button below!