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Just the thought of silky smooth skin year-round can perk up any lady's ears, but the thought of lasers can also scare people away too. If you find yourself considering IPL hair removal but simultaneously on the fence, we are here to let you know everything you need to know about the process.
Our staff are not only highly trained in this area, but are also incredible at making anyone feel comfortable when starting their IPL hair removal journey. At Glow Med Spa we use a safe blast of energy made to destroy hair follicles and target the unwanted hair to become thinner, sparser, and slower growing. We use an Intense Pulsed Light type of laser called Versa™ by Venus Concept — the leading provider of treatment systems. Our painless IPL laser hair removal is an amazing solution, especially for those that aren't a fan of pain!
The other amazing thing about doing IPL is that you can see results in as little as three weeks! This timing differs from person to person on numerous factors, but the results are guaranteed to show.
If you aren't just wanting a quick fix but a permanent solution then IPL is the painless and easy treatment for you! Ready to get started click here to start your consultation.