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It's safe to say that we have learned how important it is to take care of our health over the last two years. That's why we are journeying to deliver the most beneficial nutrients to the Saint Augustine community. We look to take a holistic approach in our relationship, offering aesthetic & skin-care planning, robust vitamin IV drip therapies, and expanding our local partner network to help connect you with the right partners for your other various health aspirations that are outside of our domain. Our health and wellness are of the utmost importance on a daily basis. Glow Balance is already offering B12 shots, and we are fiercely working on some exciting infusions that we are excited to share with you soon.

So why should you start getting B-12 shots? Here are 4 immediate benefits you'll receive from them:

1. Increases Energy Levels And Concentration

The work-from-home life has drastically dropped our energy levels and our concentration. You may even be feeling constantly lethargic even after a full night of sleep. If you can relate B12 shots will be your best friend. This vitamin is required in the production of red blood cells. Red blood cells transport oxygen around your body, providing the fuel your cells need to produce energy. A loss of red blood cell production will create symptoms of low energy and inability to concentrate.

2. Boosts Your Metabolism And Helps With Weight Loss

When one does not receive the proper amount of B12 it can cause anemia. This makes it especially hard for the body to convert fat proteins into energy leading to the frustrating situation of difficulty losing weight despite regular exercise and a good diet.

3. Increases the Immune System

A lack of B12 interferes with your body’s ability to produce white blood cells. The very cell that helps fight off infections and keeps your immune system top-notch. If you find yourself getting sick more often than usual or having allergies where you previously had none, it's time to get a B-12 shot.

4. Helps Improve Quality of Sleep

Ever wonder why you get tired after eating Turkey? It has an amino acid called Tryptophan that makes you drowsy. Our bodies also manufacture tryptophan naturally which helps you fall asleep at night. B12 is a major factor in the tryptophan production process and in return can take your restless nights into nights full of rest.

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